program 4 life

or the immediate one.

well me and my unknown source mr.T, who shall remain nameless have reached the following conclusion:

today’s the day, the day that i use to for me, for my own good. having had a long discussion on issiues that have kept my mind awake, and having put some order & sense in to my own thoughts I know tomorrow at noon is that i have to call Ms. M for a date around six o’clock. having done what i know is done at such occasions, my plan will step in to phase two.

phase two will prove to have the solution that will enable me to hatch more plans 4 my life.

and at mr. T. do not forget that tomorrow is the next day is the first day of your ongoing life. so remember one step at a time. first one thing, not the most important thing, dunno, lets say the 8hrs we were talking about, than the next step, only after going through a the fist one for at least a fortnight (to weeks in good old English) go to the second one, let’s say the starting hour for the first one. there is no such thing as pressure. there is only the feeling of normality that you allow you’re self to enjoy.

to the outside observer this might not make sense. but to mr.T & mr it does.


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